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Phone:: +45 9152 8888


We are able to provide pilotage on the entire Limfjord during hours of darkness - when conditions are safe to do so.

Aalborg Pilot are guaranteed cheaper than DanPilot

Aalborg Pilot ApS   



Limfjord Pilot

Aalborg Pilot - Thyboron Pilot

Hals Pilot


Kabbelvej 45

7620 Lemvig,


Pilotage at the Limfjord

Limfjord Pilot is a privat owned Pilot Company on the Limfjord.

We provide pilotage as follows:

- To and from the Limfjord Ports:

  - Aalborg

  - Aggersund

  - Fur

  - Løgstør

- Nykøbing Mors

  - Skive

  - Struer

  - Thisted

  - Thyborøn

- Through Oddesund Bridge

- Through the entire Limfjord or parts of the Limfjord.

Other Pilotages in Danish Waters

- Berth-to-berth from Kalundborg to Aalborg

- Berth-to-berth from Fredericia to Aalborg

- Skaw to Aalborg

- Grenaa to Aalborg

- Aarhus Bight

We er local based.



12th Sept 14

Expanded capacity

During the summer we have employed and trained Capt. Klaus Glavind.

Klaus was previously pilot with Danish Pilot Service - and has joined the Limfjord Pilot team consisting of:

Pilot Birger Andersen

Pilot/Owner Jess Reichstein

Pilot/Owner Lars Viberg


15th Feb 14

Limfjord Pilot ApS now a independent pilot company

Limfjord Pilot has now separated from Danish Pilot Service and is now the only locally based pilot company on the Limfjord.






28.Oct 11:

Company Merge:

Limfjord Pilot is now a part of Danish Pilot Service P/S