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Phone:: +45 9152 8888

We are able to provide pilotage on the entire Limfjord during hours of darkness - when conditions are safe to do so.

Aalborg Pilot are guaranteed cheaper than DanPilot

Limfjord Pilot ApS   



Limfjord Pilot

Aalborg Pilot - Thyboron Pilot

Hals Pilot


Kabbelvej 45

7620 Lemvig,


Pilotage at the Limfjord

Limfjord Pilot is a privat owned Pilot Company on the Limfjord.

We provide pilotage as follows:

- To and from the Limfjord Ports:

  - Aalborg

  - Aggersund

  - Fur

  - Løgstør

- Nykøbing Mors

  - Skive

  - Struer

  - Thisted

  - Thyborøn

- Through Oddesund Bridge

- Through the entire Limfjord or parts of the Limfjord.

We er local based.



12th Sept 14

Expanded capacity

During the summer we have employed and trained Capt. Klaus Glavind.

Klaus was previously pilot with Danish Pilot Service - and has joined the Limfjord Pilot team consisting of:

Pilot Birger Andersen

Pilot/Owner Jess Reichstein

Pilot/Owner Lars Viberg


15th Feb 14

Limfjord Pilot ApS now a independent pilot company

Limfjord Pilot has now separated from Danish Pilot Service and is now the only locally based pilot company on the Limfjord.






28.Oct 11:

Company Merge:

Limfjord Pilot is now a part of Danish Pilot Service P/S